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  • D88 Outdoor High Speed PTZ
  • D88 Outdoor High Speed PTZ
  • D88 Outdoor High Speed PTZ
  • D88 Outdoor High Speed PTZ

D88 Outdoor High Speed PTZ

Vehicle IR PTZ Camera, Built-in OSD Menu, Optional Light Source, HD-SDI, HD-IP enquiry

 ◆   Humanized design, easy installation& maintenance.

 ◆   Laser night vision distance over 300M. (Different light source has different Night-distance)

 ◆   128 presets (titles can be set); Tour is based on presets, speed & park time of presets can be set.

 ◆   8 programmable zone with titles,4 pattern( patterned scan),record time no less than 180 seconds.

 ◆   4 scan, support scan between left and right limit at an appointed speed.(at this time dome camera still support zooming, tilt operation

 ◆   Built-in OSD menu, enable changing and displaying Dome information and parameter, setting and calling presets, tour, scan, pattern, camera mode, etc.

 ◆   Park time function, can auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern, scan and display areas after dome idle for a period of time

 ◆   Real time function, preset, scan etc action runs based on time sections pre-setting by OSD menu.

 ◆   Temperature display function, can survey the temperature inside the dome.

 ◆   Display horizontal and vertical position of the PTZ camera, and the multiples of the lens.

 ◆   Privacy masking zone, you can set masking frame  when there is a private zone display on screen.

 ◆   Communication (support Rs485, Manchester, BI-PHASE code, coaxial video control).

 ◆   IP66 all-day defend cover, built-in constant temperature device.

 ◆   Built-in TVS4000V lightning-proof, surge-proof and wave-proof.

 ◆   Optional freezing rain-proof function (additional power consumption 25W).

 ◆   Working temperature -40℃~+60℃