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All Chinese operation, accurate display of position monitoring area

In total Chinese menu, Chinese input, label name edit

The ball machine direction indication function the fast show the current perturbation range

Support hot plug, power and memory, can store command

High speed ball inside the "black box" intelligent storage, maintenance easier

Support hot plug, power and memory, can store command

Environmental monitoring function, longer service life

Through the origin can be set to achieve rapid coordinate, reflect and mobilize

Automatic task execution function realizes unattended

According to the clock editing work list,every time to perform various functions,more intelligent monitoring such as bank timing chargenote,the high risk areas and other special circumstances

The built-in 4KV air discharge tube, stable complex deal with thunderstorm weather

In video, communications, power level three protection circuit,High strength TVS4000V lightning protection, reduce the loss of lightning strike
  • Cylindrical increase the space, is conducive to the
    expansion of sphere and thermostatic module
    Space A compact space is not conducive to heat dissipation and extended function module
  • Innovative waterproof top plate top flange design, to
    prevent water seepage
    Innovation The traditional design, the temperature condition has
  • The side of all metal split compartment, conducive to heat
    dissipation, a connecting plate separate silo design,
    To facilitate expansion
    Material Science Most of plastic material, all PCB board together,
    Not conducive to heat dissipation and function
  • Open all metal, warehouse design is divided into infrared light
    and one machine, good heat dissipation, waterproof,
    To strengthen the anti explosion capacity of toughened glass
    Dissipate heat Infrared light and one machine with warehouse,
    unfavorable heat, caused by both the short service life,
    The inclination to hole of the radiating......
  • Infrared ball industry first design the wiper, keep the infrared
    light and lens mirror clean
    Wiper No wiper design, can not clean the infrared light and lens
  • Fast assembling structure, double fan,efficient heat dissipation, and stable performance All metal structure and dual fan heat dissipation is to ensure the timely and effective IQ chip temperature, ball cover body processing ventilation ear structure, PCB is a big turn holes than conventional ball machine, low 5 degrees above, longer service life
  • The main chip operation speed, control performance is stronger The kernel computing speed of 10MHZ, the general ball machine kernel operation speed is less than 4MHZ, or only 1MHZ
  • All metal die-casting cover thickness is higher, more strong, Other than the ball machine thick, and has high
    density, more conducive to heat dissipation, die casting excellent cover body of high strength, strong shock resistance, effectively alleviate the high and low temperature on the ball machine internal influence.
  • Multipole discharge, high grade, safe and reliable lightning protection Power supply, video using bipolar lightning, the first stage uses the discharge tube, can prevent the impact of current 5000A, second stage TVS lightning protection tube, shock proof 1500W and 600W; the RS485 adopts three stage lightning protection equipment, maximum security protection against electric shock
  • Easy to install, with independent R & D two patents Handle type disassembly, avoid the use of complex operation of screws, maintenance easy and quick

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