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D89 outdoor ultra heavy-duty network ptz enquiry

Integrative structure. Low deflection,low oscillating,high stability.

high-strength stainless steel drive system and high precision aluminum alloy SYN gear

Load weight up to 50KG, available for containg ultra long focal-length zoom lens

Auto angle-calibrate function

All-weather design, adapted to  -40+60

High-strength aluminum-alloy housing, anti-impact, anti-corrosion,IP66. With wiper and demist function.

Pan:360°,Non-Limited Position, Tilt 120°(-60°+60°)

Built-in OSD Menu,support changing information and parameter of the dome, support setting and calling     
   Presets, tour, scan, pattern, camera mode, display name and etc.

Up to 128 presets(titles can be set), support tour and preset running time and speed reserve.

8 programmable zones with titles, 4 PATTERN, Each recording time is not less then 180s

4 Scan,support scan between left and right limited at an appointed speed.

Park action function, support auto-calling presets or start-up tour, pattern and scan after dome idle for a
   period of time

Real time function, support pre-seting dome action at an appointed time in any day or month via OSD menu

Built-in memorizer can store parameters of camera & functions of PTZ.

Temperature display function, can survey the temperature inside of dome.

PT postions nad Zoom display

Alarm fucntion, 1 in and 1 out

Privacy masking, to shield the private region from displaying on the screen.

Power-up function, available for pre-setting the PTZ reboot action via OSD menu

Communication: RS485/RS422 ,Manchester,BI-PHASE

Built-in multi-protocols and fully compatible with PELCO-DPELCO-PKALATEL, VICON, BOSCH(PHILIPS), SENSORNT, AD, VIDO B02, etc.

IP66 all-weather protect, built-in constant temperature device

lightning-proof: Video,communication and power input port all have 2-3 grade protective circuits

Built-in TVS4000V lightning-proof, surge-proof and wave-proof.