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  • D87 IR  Mini High Speed PTZ
  • D87 IR  Mini High Speed PTZ

D87 IR Mini High Speed PTZ

video conference, mini heavy-duty camera for vehicle, simple structure enquiry

  ◆   High-strength casting cover, anti-shocking, corrosion-proof, IP66

  ◆   Special power design, play a protective effect of vehicle's start, emergency brake and engine died.

  ◆   rating impact load 3.4g accelerate

  ◆   Built-in zoom camera, decoder, integrated structure, smart outline, pan 360° continuously, Tilt(-30° ~+90°), no spot

  ◆   All-weather environmental design, -40℃ ~ + 60℃

  ◆   128 presets (titles can be set); Tour is based on presets, speed & park time of presets can be set.

  ◆   Built-in OSD menu, can change information and parameter of dome through menu, also can set and call presets, tour, scan, pattern, camera mode and display name etc.

  ◆   8 programmable zones, 4 pattern, and each record time is not less than 180s.

  ◆   4 scan, support scan between left and right limit at an appointed speed.

  ◆   Park action function, can auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern and scan after dome idle for a period of time

  ◆   Real clock function, can Set auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern, scan in particular time by built-in OSD Menu.

  ◆   Temperature display function, can survey the temperature inside of dome.

  ◆   1Alarm Input/ 1 Output, support privacy masking zone

  ◆   Support Micro SD Card storage (Factory default setting)

  ◆   Built-in constant temperature device, wave-proof

  ◆   Support Multipliable Network protocol: TCP/IP、UDP、 RTSP、RTCP、HTTP、DDNS、FTP、NTP、PPPOE、SMTP etc 

  ◆   Inner insert Web server, Support IE Explorer video、Parameters、Upgrade、 Manage user permissions.

  ◆   Built-In ONVIF Protocol, It can computable with others ONVIF Platform or equipments

  ◆   Lightning-proof protection for video, communication, power access terminal are designed with 2 ~ 3 protection grade