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[Company news]The high-speed dome of Domenor sold all over the world[ 2015-07-22 08:59 ]
Shenzhen domenor Technology Co., Ltd. is a security monitoring camera R & D and production of high-tech enterprises, the company has a group of world-class design talent and a good engineering team, continuous innovation, strive for perfection. Products are sold to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions.
[Technology Partner]Introduction to the advantage of Domenor high-speed dome[ 2015-07-16 15:02 ]
Domenor factories, the production of high-speed dome, materials and accessories selection of Companies in the production of high-speed ball, all stent and the outer cover adopt metal structure, higher strength, more reliable, and effectively prevent the structure deformation, vibration damage and so on
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