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Introduction to the advantage of Domenor high-speed dome

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   Domenor factories, the production of high-speed dome, materials and accessories selection of Companies in the production of high-speed ball, all stent and the outer cover adopt metal structure, higher strength, more reliable, and effectively prevent the structure deformation, vibration damage and so on; the latest design of aluminum alloy black shield cover, better heat dissipation, the use of more subtle; selection of step angle of 0.9 degrees quality driven motor, step angle than the general high speed ball used for 1.8 degrees of motor, drive higher accuracy, positioning accuracy has a more reliable guarantee.

    The used motor is more up to output torque, keep enough redundancy, so that rotation is more stable and reliable; uses the high quality gold double contact of the conductive ring, the power and signal in the process of the rotation of the whole unblocked, can adapt to work continuously for a long time test; mining with imported synchronous belt, material selection aging resistance, strength, excellent toughness of poly resin and embedded steel wire, so that the belt is in use for a long time in the process of aging, deformation, and fully meet the requirements of long-term work;
    Aluminum alloy for the synchronous wheel and material surface oxidation, good to meet the high strength, low weight, high surface hardness, friction in order to adapt to the long-term use of the belt; for high speed ball generally caused by local overheating of the burnout phenomenon, we choose the best Japanese production cooling fan, heating device to ensure high-speed ball inside to effective cooling; in addition to colorless and transparent under the hood, but also has a variety of color transparent cover to choose, to meet the different requirements of customers; flexible installation, in addition to the ordinary wall, lifting (length can be customized), all kinds of angle more. Column, etc., with more top mounting and mounting accessories to choose. Advanced direct plug-in installation, the national patent.
    Comprehensive use in various occasions, to realize the installation worry; function: the machine has the humanized intelligent transmission function, according to the distance intelligent adjustment of internal tilt speed, so that the screen is more stable; high-speed PTZ can realize 0.4 degrees /S-320 deg. / s and steady speed, 0.4 degrees /S-150 deg. / s vertical transmission to control PTZ ease; up to 128 preset points (if any special needs can be customized to 256), to fully meet the requirements of the complex environment; with 4 group pattern and cruising function, you can have up to eight groups, reduce the amount of manual operation. Each cruise group can be set up to 32 preset position, the preset time is set to 1-240 seconds, controllable range, to meet the specific circumstances of different occasions;And two scanning, 360 degree scanning, automatic flip, watch, most 24 privacy protected areas and various operation for use, operation is very flexible, color 18, 22, 27, 35, 36 times the integrated camera module to choose from, which contains various types of color turn black and white, infrared sensors and so on, give full consideration to the requirements of customers; with electrostatic precipitator, temperature cycle of design, work in - 40 DEG C to 60 DEG C of wide temperate zone.
    The whole machine of Domenor high-speed dome adopts IP66 protection standard, using various harsh environment; the built-in PELCO/D, SAMSUNG, KALATEL, PELCO/P and so on as many as 17 kinds of system protocol, in order to use in different monitoring system. At the same time can be customized according to customer requirements, and a 1200, 2400 and 4800, 9600 baud rate selectable using in various speed according to the transmission requirements; with power-off protection of information and built-in surge, lightning protection devices; now the newly added functional clock, and alarm function is very beautiful combination, so as to achieve the perfect effect. Auto tracking feature is also about to begin to join our company's all high-speed ball series.
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